Carbon Stealth Split Grips

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Build the "ULTIMATE" finesse spinning rod w/ Carbon Stealth Split Grips
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Increased Sensitivity, 30% Lighter than cork, Durable, Sleek, Grippy Texture and Comfortable.

Split Grip Specs:

Grip Length Diameter Bore Weight (grams)
Main 6.25" 1.00" .250" 12.47g
Butt 1.75" 1.20" .250" 4.22g

Butt Cap Specs

Cap Material Length Diameter Bore Weight (grams) Notes
EVA 1.18" 1.30" .75" 3.49g
Rubberized Cork 1.18" 1.30" .75" 10.78g Heavier butt cap is great for fine tuning the balance of rod.

Compatible with Matagi components.

Components Used:

HTWC-P Lipstick Winding Check (Dark Gunmetal)

HTWC-L Grip Winding Check (Purple)

HTWC-Z Winding Check Qty 2 (Purple)

FPR-16 Butt Cap Trim Ring (Purple)

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